Your time is valuable, so why waste it by getting quotes from one insurance company? Let SYNQ shop among the most highly rated insurance carriers to find you the best value. More options mean more savings. We obsess over finding you the best care at the best prices. And a hassle-free application process.


Insurance Strategy

SYNQ will be a trusted ally for your company as we assist your employees through benefits that range from basic to premium. Your employees help your business succeed, and we want to help you protect that asset.


Informed Employees

Smarter employees make cost-saving decisions. And, HSAs cultivate attitude and behavioral changes that drive increased engagement and reduce unnecessary medical cost. Because HSAs lower costs, provide better benefits and, reward health savings.

Risk Management

In every business, from the small corner store to the large manufacturer, there are common challenges with insurance, claims, and risk in general. SYNQ helps customize a strategy that minimizes and mitigates your operational risks.


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